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The Workbook

Do you struggle having someone in your life with addiction?

My partner struggles with addiction. Like you, I was sad, angry, lost, and afraid. How do we navigate this terrain and not lose ourselves in the process?

I have found what works for me and allows me to thrive today. In the process of loving someone with addiction, I have learned so much about myself. I want to now pass on what I have learned to you because I believe that we all deserve the best in life and can achieve so much once we find out who we really are.

And I want to give it to you.


Learn how to love yourself unconditionally and put yourself first when your partner struggles with addiction.

Learn more about yourself

Learn important topics and go through specific exercises to master them

Complete extra activities and access addditional resources

What does the workbook get you?
  • Introduction assessment to determine your current mindset

  • 32 page printable workbook

  • 54 in-depth writing/journaling prompts

  • 17 important terms and exercises

  • Additional activities for continued success

  • Additional resources for your continued growth

  • Before and after rating test to check progress

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